Kenny Rogers is here to make your holiday festivities EPIC

10 / 16 / 17

It is a well-known fact that Christmas starts really early in the Philippines. When the BER months come rolling along, Christmas carols start playing over the airwaves and Christmas decors start appearing in the malls. We take our holidays seriously in this country.


And it’s no secret that we Filipinos tend to go over the top and beyond to celebrate this season, especially with the people closest to us. That’s why Kenny Rogers lets you celebrate this season in the biggest and heftiest way possible. With the Kenny Rogers’ Epic Christmas Feast, you can bring your family, your barkada, perhaps even the whole barangay, to your favorite healthy fastfood.


This awesome bundle includes all the Kenny Rogers’ Best Sellers, all for sharing! It includes the forever Kenny’s fan favorite, one (1) whole Classic Roast Chicken. AND the newest saucy chicken in the block, one (1) whole Garlic Butter Roast! OH and one (1) bucket (yes, a bucket!) of OMG Chicken. And that’s not all. We’re including two (2) spaghetti platters, two (2) cheesy broccoli, two (2) potato gratin and two (2) Mexican corn salsa. Let’s not forget eight (8) cups of rice and eight (8) pieces of corn muffin. And to wash that all down, two (2) pitchers of the drink of your choice. Whew!!! Your get-togethers will definitely be sumptuous and filling with these mouth-watering items.


This bundle is available from October 16, 2017 to January 16, 2018 at all Kenny Rogers branches.