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All In Feast

10 / 15 / 18

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The Christmas season starts early in the Philippines, and it is a big and long celebration for every Filipino. During the yuletide season, reunions and big gatherings are scheduled; it could be with ones’ workmates, with family or friends. In these gatherings, there is one thing that can never be absent – a bountiful feast of no less than good and delicious food and the group’s favorites.


At any Christmas gathering, the group will always have different favorites and preferences. It is always a challenge to find a place, let alone a meal, that can cater to everyone’s wants. That is why this year; Kenny’s is offering all of the group’s favorites in one awesome feast – the ALL IN FEAST.





The Creamy Pesto is penne pasta with rich sauce made up of cream, basil, peanuts, and parsley. It is topped with parmesan cheese.

The Creamy Pesto Pasta is available as a Platter exclusively for the All In Feast, and is also available in a Solo Serving.