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2018 Merry Kenny Muffins – Banana Caramel & Fruitcake

10 / 15 / 18

Banana Caramel a

A meal at Kenny Rogers Roasters is not complete without the iconic Corn Muffin. It is a favorite and a must-have for any Kenny’s patron. The Corn Muffin is continuously improved to keep the guests wanting more.


            To keep our guests satisfied and entertained, Kenny’s offers flavored muffins during the holiday season year after year. It serves as a great complement to Kenny’s yearly holiday feast offerings and a delicious Christmas treat idea. This year, guests will certainly enjoy the newest flavored muffins – Banana Caramel and Fruitcake. Everyone loves the classic Banana Caramel flavor and all Filipinos love the Christmas staple, Fruitcake. The flavors truly hit close to home and are all-time favorites!

Banana Caramel b Banana Caramel c


This holiday, Kenny Rogers strengthens guests’ affinity to the muffins by offering them in flavors that are close to many Filipinos’ hearts. Banana Caramel is a favorite all-year round and is one of the go-to desserts flavours, while Fruitcake is a favorite and vital part of the ‘Pinoy Christmas’.


The 2018 Merry Kenny Muffins will be made available in boxes of 6 (one flavor, and assorted) and can be ordered per piece and as a replacement for the Corn Muffin.